Posted on: September 13, 2010 11:27 pm

Got the Week 1 Blues?

Wow what a start to the NFL Season or maybe let me say semi-start. Let me tell you there are alot of guys that have the fantasy blues and you're teams blues. This wasn't the highest scoring week one in history for fantasy. You're always expecting guys to bring it to start the NFL season but the 2010 season didn't sparkle. Let give my short list of top performers who made you're early pick's worth it and the guys who let you down. The guys are you're 1rst and 2nd round picks and maybe 3rd.
Top drafted QB performer's:
QB's-Peyton(as usual Colts lose but Peyton gives you 433 and 3)
Brady(of course Brady gets the W and gives you 258 and 3)
Brees and Romo(they did their jobs and gave you an ok chance to win your week )
Rodgers( Wow this guy went top 5 in some drafts and vs. a young Eagles secondary through 2 picks)
Schaub( another Wow! This guy was supposed to be behind Rodgers on their way to Canton)
Top Drafted RB's Studs
Chris Johnson(enough said)
Mendenhall(made the early invest worth it with 120 and 10)
MJD-AP-Steven Jackson-Michael Turner-Ced Benson-D Williams-Ray Rice(All first to early second round picks that gave you average #'s to squat)
Top WR's
Miles Auston( He brought it)
Reggie Wayne( always brings his hardhat to work)
Randy Moss(Heard that Randy thinks he's on his way out of NE and he played like he already has his bags packed)
Mega Tron( although if he din't get that TD stolen from him he would be above)
Andre Johnson( clean out you're ears and clear you're eyes thw guy who was supposed to kill the NFL had 33 yards once again 33 yards)

Now many mid rounders flourished in week one but these guys up top were are the guys that we sat around and disected to figure who was going to be our top two picks. The picks that are going to either win us our league or lose it. We all know it's a long season but nothing like week one to have us second guess ourselves all week. Foster,Nicks, and Forte may have won the week for you but it's always you're top picks that have to put up for you to win the cash.
Posted on: July 31, 2010 12:47 am

What a terrible story!

First my thoughts and prays goes out to Lorenzen Wright's family and friends. Wow, is this the world we live in now were our sports hero's get murdered, go to jail, and go bankrupt. Please don't misunderstand me, I know Lo Wright was no criminal but a family man who always seemed to be helping out in Memphis. My thing is with athletes now , with all the glitz and glamour they get they now need to be treated like Actors and Actresses'. You don't ever hear about Tom Cruise getting ducked taped in his home and robbed or gettin stabbed or shot while he is home during a break from movies. These guys make so much money now that they need to have security around the clock like any other celebrity. The new world of TMZ that we live in that shows athletes now like movie stars is cool to a point. What their doing though is putting athletes out there now even more than before. Now I understand  there will be people who say "well you hang with dogs you're going to get fleas" but to that idea. You be the guy that has the millions and tries to stay close to you're hometown to help the area that you grew up in and try to be a role model. Well as you're trying to help you're city and you're going to go back into the tough areas that you grew up in you're going to come across these young wanna be gangsters who are prowling the street's for their next hustle. These sick individuels are just con men who prey on the weak and the good hearted. Lo Wright put himself out there in his city and got caught up with these criminals and he lost his life. These punks would never handle an issue with their fists their always packing guns because they're deep down cowards and know that any athlete would toss them around like a rag doll.

So now with all the tragedies of the recent years..Sean Taylor...Eddie Curry and Antwan Walker home invasion...and now Lorenzen Wright makes me think athletes need to maybe keep their hearts at home protected away from the streets. Like I said with proper security and if you want to help you're city send a check. Stay away guys because you're lives seem to on the line and with the way this economy is people are starving out there and are willing to do anything for cash.

R.I.P Lorenzen Wright and may God come down hard on you thugs that took away! The city of Memphis just lost one of it's biggest Hearts.
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Posted on: June 27, 2010 12:46 am

Very short n sweet on USA soccer!

I know we as a country feal horrible today that we lost in another World Cup but if you look at a couple issues maybe you'll feel little better like I do. For one Ghana representing Africa as a country and the whole continent needs this far more than we do. I know that sounds a little corney but Africa with it's genocides, civil wars, and the fact that this histroric event is taken place in South Africa means much more  than the US winning a World Cup. There are national parks all through Africa that are used to bring in millions that now are just graveyards  for elephants, Rhino's, and other big game because the wars tore through these magical places and left everything for dead. By point is that the only country that I would been ok seeing beat us was a Northern African country. They need to come together and maybe this isn't the only answer to their problems but it just might spark a little light that one day is the flame that openend that beautiful continent back up.

Now to the Us Soccer team. Bob Bradley has to go, every game he had the wrong men out there. His continiuos arrogance to play his son Michael was sickening. I know he smashed the rebound in to tie Algeria but he showed his lack of elite level when he didn't even look at he goalie late in the 2nd half and just kicked the ball directly at his feet. He could have scored that ball 10 different ways. I'm not saying that it wasn't for lack of effert but just lack of elite skill. Cherundolo got abused today like a child versus men. He got an early yellow and i thought ok Bradley may at some point sub him out but no he stuck by his man who continued to make mistake after mistake.

I'm proud to be an American today and proud of my soccer team. I'm just not proud that at this level of sport a father would be coaching his son. It's the biggest recipe for desaster even in 11 year old sport. The Father always plays their son through good and gettin knocked out of the World Cup. Also big ups to Landon Donovan, my man being a little grey in the beard showed his a still a bona fide star.

Oh and hey Bob Bradley,"Take the players jacket off and put on a suit", you made yourself look like a junior high coach. And you know what you're coaching did too.
Posted on: June 18, 2010 12:52 am

Does anyone think Kobe deserves to act like Mike?

After tonight"s game 7 defensive catastrophe, including a terrible shooting night for Kobe, I ask two questions.
1. Did Kobe deserve finals MVP? Absolutely not Gasol was the best Laker by far over the playoffs in whole and of course in the Finals.

2.Does Kobe get to run around and do Jordan like celebrations? No Jordan would have stepped on the Celtics neck in game 7 and there would have never been a 13 point deficit. Oh and by chance if a Jordan led team would have been down by that deficit it would have been a historic 4th quarter by Mike taken the title out of the opponents hands.

As for Kobe's legacy it's stamped but there should never be the comparision of who was the better player or had the better teams. Remember Mike was tould to take a two year absence from the NBA were he lost 2 possibly 3 titles. Never forget the guy left the game for 2 years only to come back an 3 peat again with a whole new cast of characters. I'm not Kobe bashing i'm just being as real as I can and call a spade a spade. Kobe Bryant top 20 player of all time yes, Top 10 maybe. But never ever ever is he to be put in Mike's class.
Posted on: June 14, 2010 8:17 pm

Pac 10 Bridge is Falling Down!!!

I said a  couple of days ago and it can be checked up on that getting Colorado means nothing for the Pac 10. Writer's,anaylists and us bloggers were all calling this the  armegeddon of college sports. My mind however thought differently taking the Buffaloes first meant nothing. Who cares about Colorado, the Pac 10 broaden it's shoulders like the rest was inevitable. Well guess what it wasn't the Big 12 needed a wake up call and they got it big time.

Texas wanted their own television network,they got it, they wanted more money,they got it. I mean Texas played this thing as perfectly as one could you lose some unneeded fat that was hangin onto the Big 12 and keep all of you're key players. Bye Bye, Nebraska and Mizzou the Big 12 doesn't need you takin their homegrown Texas talent anymore because movin to the Big 10 like Donnie Brasco said,"Forget About It".

So at the end of the day I look at it like this A&M and Oklahoma including Texas just played everyone. Instead of them leaving they the other guys leave leaving the door open for the Big 12 to start recruiting some big time schools. Why would the Big 12 let the Pac 10 and Big 10 take the pieces that are the true Kings and Queens off the chessboard. When the Big 12 can become the super conference of the future. Let all the chips keep fallen and my friends you'll see the power move the Big 12 just made to team up with the SEC as the 2 powers in college football and basketball.

And not to blow my own horn but i called this the other day when the Pac 10 took the weakest link Colorado. I smelled a rat when Texas and Oklahoma weren't the first to go. 
Posted on: June 10, 2010 3:06 pm

Of course Colorado would be the first to go!

Hey I hope this isn't a shock to anyone that the worst team in the Big 12 ,in the 2 major sports, would bolt for the light Pac 10. I mean give me a break the Buffalos stink on grass and wood and with the USC debackle why not. Colorado now can let their D 3 coach of theirs ,Dan Hawkins, play against an easier field in the west. Hawkins who should've been gone along time ago for letting his son do anything but carry a clipboard. He has now been giving new life with this move. Maybe He'll put up some Boise State like #'s verse Wash St., and um.. I think that's it because both Arizona schools and the Oregon pair plus the reast of the Pac 10 will also feast on the Buffalos.

As for basketball I say this.........................Flat line. Who cares!

So hey Pac 10 Colorado... HuH... You're definetly gettin Texas and Oklahoma now..... 
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