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Got the Week 1 Blues?

Posted on: September 13, 2010 11:27 pm
Wow what a start to the NFL Season or maybe let me say semi-start. Let me tell you there are alot of guys that have the fantasy blues and you're teams blues. This wasn't the highest scoring week one in history for fantasy. You're always expecting guys to bring it to start the NFL season but the 2010 season didn't sparkle. Let give my short list of top performers who made you're early pick's worth it and the guys who let you down. The guys are you're 1rst and 2nd round picks and maybe 3rd.
Top drafted QB performer's:
QB's-Peyton(as usual Colts lose but Peyton gives you 433 and 3)
Brady(of course Brady gets the W and gives you 258 and 3)
Brees and Romo(they did their jobs and gave you an ok chance to win your week )
Rodgers( Wow this guy went top 5 in some drafts and vs. a young Eagles secondary through 2 picks)
Schaub( another Wow! This guy was supposed to be behind Rodgers on their way to Canton)
Top Drafted RB's Studs
Chris Johnson(enough said)
Mendenhall(made the early invest worth it with 120 and 10)
MJD-AP-Steven Jackson-Michael Turner-Ced Benson-D Williams-Ray Rice(All first to early second round picks that gave you average #'s to squat)
Top WR's
Miles Auston( He brought it)
Reggie Wayne( always brings his hardhat to work)
Randy Moss(Heard that Randy thinks he's on his way out of NE and he played like he already has his bags packed)
Mega Tron( although if he din't get that TD stolen from him he would be above)
Andre Johnson( clean out you're ears and clear you're eyes thw guy who was supposed to kill the NFL had 33 yards once again 33 yards)

Now many mid rounders flourished in week one but these guys up top were are the guys that we sat around and disected to figure who was going to be our top two picks. The picks that are going to either win us our league or lose it. We all know it's a long season but nothing like week one to have us second guess ourselves all week. Foster,Nicks, and Forte may have won the week for you but it's always you're top picks that have to put up for you to win the cash.

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